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Testimonials & Reviews

The Wicked Chops Pad has been featured at Winter NAMM, the Delaware Drum Show, and the Connecticut Drum Show. New users are becoming instant lovers of the pad! Here's what folks around the world are saying about Wicked Chops:

I really like it and I can see it being an important tool for me to access from now on . . .  It’s making me more aware of the striking action and trying to be more consistent with that which is a good way of checking on any bad habits creeping in. - Evelyn Glennie, World Renown Virtuoso Concert Percussionist


COOL PAD! Awesome. - Gregg Bissonette, Ringo Starr All Starr Band



Evil . . . Wicked . . . Awesome! - Jared Faulk, Drumeo Founder & CEO



This Pad WILL Help You Develop Precision. - Beat It Poland

Awesome pad! The Wicked Chops pad is great! I’ve thought about having a tiny practice pad like this since reading about Dave Garibaldi’s drum teacher making him use one. It’s helping me be more accurate. I also like to use it with students who cant or won’t focus on consistent stick placement. The construction is also great. The threaded hole is deep enough so the pad doesn’t wobble on the stand. Great item! - BikeDrums, Ebay Review

Great tool, promotes next relaxation, it's really true . . . if you're not dead center, you will miss the pad! So you'll just sit with a smile on your face, looking straight ahead, not up and down, up and down. And yes it's very, very hard. A humbling experience . . . - Casper Paludan, Amazon Review

I like this pad because it's well made and the size help me be more accurate with my sticking work outs. - Amazon Review

I was a bit dubious about this product but said I'd give it a try anyway. It's very solidly built and fits easy onto my cymbal stand. The main reason I've grown to like this product is apart for helping my accuracy it really has raised my concentration levels. When you first start out playing on it, it's so frustrating but you go into a zone of focus!! This is it's secret weapon! It makes you think about you hand movements. Drawing a small circle on your practice pad wouldn't be the same as I don't believe your eyes could see how many mistakes you make! With the wicked chops, if you miss the playing surface then you'll know straight away! - Thomann Review

I love the Wicked Chops pad. - Shane, Drum Center of Portsmouth